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  • Bonnie Rando Leys


This is just a short post to introduce Rando Leys Communications and what you can expect to find here at the water cooler.

I will post articles here every few weeks so be sure to check back often. If hanging around on my website isn’t your thing, I’ll also link to new articles on my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

There will be a mix of information including:

  • communication basics like ‘what is it and why do I need it?’

  • market trends and analytics

  • a breakdown of social media: - how to use it - why it matters, and - how to respond to online customer feedback

  • search engine optimization (SEO)

  • tips to help you: - improve business communications - increase customer engagement - grow brand awareness.

I’ll also include some other content on my areas of personal interest. Expect the unexpected as I have varied tastes. I hope I can blow your mind with at least one of these #leftfield blogs. Content will include:

  • travel

  • history

  • medicine and health

  • cultural studies

  • philosophy.



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